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Nazka Nazar

B Hons Interior design, Northumbria Univeristy

Nazka Nazar was awarded with the degree Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honors in Interior Design in 2019. She was also recognized as the Valedictorian, Outstanding Graduate for the year 2019 and was the recipient for Scholarship for the year 2018.

She interned at Co.Design and continued to freelance for well-known Designers and firms in Colombo and Kandy for various projects ranging from restaurants, Corporate Offices, boutique hotels and  so on.

Nazka started working for  DXMID Shanghai  from 2019.Thereafter, continued to function as in-house designer for Balmond Studio, Cindesign, Prinkets & C.

Nazka is a budding designer who continues to explore different avenues as; Product Designing, 3D Visualizing, Animation and others.

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