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Bamboo Lab week- Ahangama - Sri Lanka

Bamboo Lab Week is an experimental workshop in bamboo treatment, design and construction in Sri lanka by DXMID, Colive and Hoper market

The event is done in collaboration with Colive Ahangama and The hoper Market.

We have limited spaces to ensure a safe environment. So Reserve your spot today!

See the BLW program day by day

Day #1 - Bamboo Conversations ( free event)

15th March 2022, 3pm IST

We will be hosting a panel discussion about bamboo as a form of environmentally conscious design in sri lanka, we will be learning from international experts and discussing different approaches to promote the use of sustainable bamboo as an alternative to building temporary structures in Sri lanka.

3 PM (IST) 15th March 2022_ Webinar Link will be shared before the event

Day #2 - Learning from the Aunties

16th March 2022, 3pm IST

We have invited our wonderful Hope®Aunties to show off their art and crafts skills and share their stories on 16th March, we will learn from their experience and celebrate their achievements over a cup of tea and some local sweets from our neighbor Aunty Nandani.

4.00 PM (IST) 16th March 2022_ at Hope® Market, Kabalana

Day #3 - Bamboo Model Making with Thilina

17th March 2022, 10 am IST

Thilina is the Director of BAABAR an Architectural Consultancy Service based in Sri Lanka. He received his Masters of Architecture in 2012 and became an Associate member of Sri Lanka Institute of Architects in 2014. Having worked with many different architects in different projects over 10 years he got himself exposed to a range of architectural styles allowing himself to explore and experiment further with his own projects. After a short visit to Bali in 2018 he started to explore bamboo as a construction material and he has been experimenting with the material ever since.

10 AM (IST) _ at Colive

Day #4 - Bamboo VSD treatment with unabambu

Una Bambu was set up in 2019 by two eco-entrepreneurs, Julien & Aoife, following an intensive bamboo training with world-renowned bamboo developers IBUKU & Bamboo U in Bali, where they trained in receiving the hands-on knowledge required in working with bamboo as a construction material; species identification, sustainable harvesting, preservation methods and design & build.

Eager to bring that know-how to Sri Lanka, using biophilic design and green building concepts the company developed their UNA concept, a bamboo eco-hotel designed by Nomadic Resorts (Wild Coast Lodge, Yala). The company’s mission for UNA is to showcase the value of locally grown bamboos for construction and ignite the bamboo movement on the island.

18th March at Hope® , Kabalana

Day #5 - Bamboo structure weekend building

19th March

We will attempt to build with our bare hands a temporary structure made by bamboo at Hope® market in Kabalana- Ahangama. We will do a pre assembling on the ground on the first day and mount the roof structure on the second day. The space will function as a workshop space the local aunties to engage in their crafts and showcase their skills to hope® market visitors.

19th March at Hope® , Kabalana

Day #6 - Build and final mounting ( hopefully)

20th March

That's all folks!, to register, please send an email to


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